Why is Detoxing your Body so Important?

Why is Detoxing your Body so Important?.jpg

One of the best recommendations I can make that will change your health and your life is to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Detox is a buzz word these days. Some people disregard it as a form of starvation, while some stop eating processed sugar for a week thinking that is an adequate form of detox. Toxins have accumulated in your body from before you were even born, so it’s unrealistic to assume you can detox decades of an unhealthy lifestyle in such a short time. What I’m talking about is making detoxification a part of your lifestyle. With consistency and dedication you will gradually achieve higher levels of vitality, which will ultimately support you in not only cleansing your body, but also your mind and spirit. When you set the stage for wellbeing, you will improve all areas of your life, and you will notice more loving relationships, better productivity at work, more creativity, and a newfound zest for life. 

We have a trillion cells inside of us and these cells build up layers upon layers of toxicity caused by many different things including stress, unhealthy food choices, unnatural skincare products, the environment, the pollution in the air we breathe and so on. This puts a strain on our organs and impairs optimal functioning. If the situation is not addressed, the effects of excess toxins can ultimately lead to the development of chronic health issues. Through the process of detox, you are able to break down these layers and eventually get closer to a state of well-being.

Over many years, we accumulate negative energy, habits and ways of thinking that may not serve us well anymore. So we need to clean out our bodies so that our spirit can radiate, energy can flow and obstructions are released and brought up into our awareness in the form of aches or pains, suppressed emotions, fear, anxiety etc. Then we can go forth and consciously make necessary adjustments to our diet and lifestyle to truly heal at the core.

The body is a self-healing and regenerating system all on its own, but unfortunately in the toxic world we live today, the eliminatory organs are overloaded, the lymph is backed up and the restorative processes are a lot slower. Therefore we need to assist our bodies in getting rid of excess toxins naturally, so that we may address the true cause of health issues, rather than cover up the symptoms. By doing this we will maintain a healthy symbiosis in the gut and be able to tap into our healing potential.


Yes, unless you live in a rainforest on the mountains with clean air and water, and you eat freshly picked fruit and vegetables from your own garden and your life is stress free.


Everyone’s situation is unique and it depends what type of detox you’re doing, but I’d say a minimum of four times per year. I personally aim for four juice cleanses a year, but if I take on a water fast, I may only do another one or two juice cleanses that year.


Again, it depends on your personal situation, but there is one rule of thumb: an effective detoxification program will naturally support the cleansing pathways via the elimination organs and resolve obstructions within the lymphatic system.

You can decide on the length of your detox programme. For a more gentle cleanse you can cut out all processed foods and eat a fresh plant based diet. You can dive a little deeper and choose to eat only raw foods. You can do a mono fruit diet e.g. watermelon cleanse. Or you can do a 7 day juice cleanse. Tyler Tolman has an amazing online 7 day juice fast which is free! Then there’s water fasting which you can do by yourself for three days, or longer under supervision.

Detoxing your body is the single most important thing you can do for a healthy mind, body and spirit. It is a practice which will help to prevent toxic overload, reverse the signs of ageing, and is also a catalyst that will help you take your health and life to the next level.