Organic Aura is a company that delivers fresh, organic juice to the busy, health-conscious people of Brisbane.

Organic Aura was founded by Olivia Budgen in March 2017. She is a juice fanatic (to say the least) and started juicing daily over 4 years ago to help with her own health struggles. It has transformed her life in many wonderful ways, and she wants others to experience the undeniable benefits too.


What makes us different?

This is not just any old juice - it is of the highest quality, because everyone deserves to nourish their mind, body and soul with the best nutrition.


Our promise to you:

100% Raw

None of the nutrients are destroyed by processing.

100% Fresh

Produce is collected from local farmers each week - nothing is frozen!

100% Organic

Would you like a side of juice with those pesticides? No, thank you!


Our Philosophy

Organic Aura is based upon the foundation that what you eat affects every part of your life; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. What goes on in the stomach affects the blood which in turn affects the brain.


True health starts from within.

Living food literally transfers life in to your cells. The purity of living foods awakens your thoughts and helps you to live a life that is clear, bright and on purpose. Incorporating raw, living juice in to your life will help to renew your mind, body and soul. It will nourish your cells on a deeper level and inspire you to live your best life possible.

Organic meaning: derived from living organisms, living entity, unspoilt, untouched, natural.

Aura meaning: electromagnetic field of emotional, mental and spiritual levels form an energy field around one’s body.

Your aura acts like a protective shield. It is an extension of you, and when it’s strong you feel healthy, focused and energised. When it is weak it can leave you feeling unwell, disconnected and fatigued. One way to strengthen your aura is to nourish it with highly vibrational living foods - like fresh juice.


If you want to feel alive,
eat foods that are alive.

Each cell of the body is like a tiny battery, and raw living foods supply the bio-electricity which charges these batteries. Electrical discharges naturally emanate from all living things as luminescent, aura-like flares surrounding the subject. The glow is bright and radiant in raw foods.

By making a conscious choice to continually flood your body with fresh fruits and vegetables, your aura will strengthen organically, and shine so that you can glow from the inside out.


Feel like you've got no time to be healthy? Let us help. 

Being a busy woman myself, I know what life can be like…… you’re not even awake for 10 minutes and you’re overwhelmed with your to-do list. Maybe you’re a busy mum who spends all her time bringing up her kids, or you’re a business entrepreneur focusing all your energy on your next project.

You’re trying to stay on top of things, and what’s the first thing you let slide? Self-love and nourishing yourself. That’s where we come in! We deliver high quality nutrition straight to your door so that you can fuel your body and get through your day feeling happy, healthy and ready to tackle anything that might come your way.

TIP: If you don’t have time to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner, drink 2 juices as a meal replacement.